Plant Styling


At Wild Island we’re passionate about plants and the enrichment they provide to our homes and spaces. They soften any environment, creating a lush sanctuary that invigorates us, cleans the air, AND helps us connect to nature. Plants make us happy!

Want to bring more greens and life into your home or office, but not sure where to start? What types will do best in the light you have? How to best care for them?

With our knowledge of plants and eye for decor, we can help you greenify your space!

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Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. We’ll come to your home or office (San Diego area) for an evaluation of lighting, maintenance level needed, and style collaboration with you. Shortly after, we will submit a proposal of services to you which will include a summary of our site visit and plans for your space, with an estimate on the cost and timing delivery of project. Then, allow us to do the work of sourcing only the best and most beautiful plants, pots and fixtures to showcase in your space! We will bring to you, install, and include care guidance for all your new plants.

Initial Consultation: $150, redeemable toward projects over $1000.

Ready for your plant styling consult? Have questions?

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“It's like stepping into another world... you're transported to a tropical oasis and you'll leave feeling refreshed & inspired."