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An urban oasis of wellness & green living, helping you nourish & beautify body and home.

Green Living Essentials

Plant Shop & Green Living Essentials

Nestled amongst the jungle of plant babies ready to be adopted, you'll find our favorite items to help you live a more green, toxin & chemical-free life. From green beauty products to reusable straws; we curate clean, organic, and beautiful items to nourish and beautify your body and home.


Jungle Yoga, Breathwork, Sauna Healing Sessions

It's well documented that plants purify & oxygenate the air; NASA even calls them "Nature's Life Support System." So what better way to start your day than in our indoor jungle while moving, breathing, and recovering! Join us for an invigorating movement class every morning, and Jungle Yoga most evenings; and book a session in the Finnish Sauna afterwards to complete your relaxation session!

Event Space

Event Space

Host your next event in our lush indoor jungle! Dinner parties, celebrations, baby showers, special shopping events… seating for up to 20, more for cocktail receptions. Reach out for more info!

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