4:30 PM16:30

Winter Wellness Healing Sound Bath

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Escape the hustle and bustle of December and immerse yourself in a healing sound bath. Using the magic and power of sound, we will relax, restore, recharge and retune our systems into balance with guided sound meditation and a journey through the chakras using crystal singing bowls and voice. 

Vibration and frequency can expand and open neural pathways and open us to creativity, insight and calm.  Relax into the gentle and moving vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and enjoy a complete and harmonious sound immersion. Prepare for the solstice and allow yourself turn into the introspection of winter by celebrating yourself and reconnecting to your relationship with self-care during a very charged and hectic time of year. 

What to bring: yoga mat, yoga support blankets, anything that makes you cozy and comfortable in savasana, water

What you will take with you: relaxation, stress relief, small self-care gift 

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Marlo is a lifelong musician, board certified music therapist, registered yoga teacher and member of the band Golden Howl.  She exists in the relationship between sound and self,  aims to bring light and healing to the collective, and seeks to see the beauty in all things.

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